Such a Beautiful Mess!

This past month has been a doozy! I have come to the realization it is a beautiful mess. Such a beautiful mess I’m in!

One I wouldn’t trade for anything! Our adoption process is moving! We are plugging a long… I could tell you all the paperwork that we’ve gotten in the past few weeks but it really doesn’t make sense to me, so to type it all probably won’t make sense to all of you! The good news is there is movement! We are praying for the DRC and that they will begin issuing Exit Letters again soon…like very soon. I have been clinging to the verse Exodus 14:14 THE LORD HIMSELF WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. JUST STAY CALM. So that’s what I’m doing…praying and staying calm!

Earlier this month Titus so simply and beautifully asked Jesus to come live in his heart. It was a beautiful moment on the way to school, and his faith astounded me. When we talked about it later he was so sure, “Yeah Mom, Jesus lives in my heart now.” Jesse and I are so proud!

We have been practicing sign language and often play, What’s the sign for? both boys are gaining a lot of ground and their vocabulary is growing…again I’m just so impressed by them!! We have a lot to learn but we are all working on it and are anxious to teach and learn with our sweet girl!

Sunday (Feb 2nd) is race number 2 in the Run for the One fundraiser/ run-a-thon! This is a race I’m very excited about since it starts in one of the local caverns. Its going to be such a fun run! For this race we have 5 sponsors! WOW!! Thank you so much! And remember you can sponsor after each race too, a dollar a mile..or more if you so please!! My big sister has decided to join in on this crazy endeavor! She too is running 14 halves this year and is being sponsored by some very sweet and awesome friends of hers!

It is so humbling to have so much support! I honestly don’t think I can say THANK YOU enough!


Here is a list of the races that we are planning!!

Jan 4th River Road Run **DONE!!**

Feb 2nd Natural Bridge Caverns & Feb 16th Austin City 1/2

March 2nd Moes Better 1/2 & March 23rd Alamo 1/2 & March 29th Women Rock Dallas

April 12th Zooma Texas 1/2

May 3rd Biggest Loser 1/2

June 8th Wounded Warrior 1/2

July 20th Orange Leaf 1/2


September 27th Salt Lake City Chosen 1/2

October New Braunfels Chosen 1/2

December Illumination 1/2

If you read all of those… then yes, you saw 3 in March and none in November…That was kinda on purpose. Busting 3 out in the beginning gives us a little wiggle room whens it comes to the timeline of all the other races! Just looking at these makes me tired…is that a bad sign?! Nahhh!!!

We hope that the crazy weather hasn’t gotten you down and that you and your families are all well! Friends, be still…The Lord is fighting for you!!

You can Sponsor all 14 races here:

You can Sponsor individual races here just leave a note as to which one!: