Summer Lovin’

Summer is in full swing around the Tapley Home. We just celebrated Titus’ 5th birthday, we are now seasoned Schlitterbaun pros, and we have become a family of putt-putt fans! As summer winds down 😦 we are getting prepared for a 7th birthday and the start of another year of kindergarten and 1st grade. BUT we still have 5 weeks of summer left and that means more pool, river and bahn time with friends. Have I mentioned how much I love summer!?

In the midst of the sun shiny fun, we have gotten more news on our little girl. We have received her abandonment story and now know she is in an amazing foster home. We have sent off our first care package to her (I got my first taste of buying little girl clothes SO MUCH FUN!!) and we have sent her a letter as well as more pictures. I have stopped stalking the mail man as now we have all of the documents we needed. All of our info is finally on its way to the DRC! There is one more document we are waiting for on the DRC side; once we get that, we will head into the court process. This is where our little girl will become a Tapley. This (like every other part of this journey) will take time, and with time means we must be patient. Once we get word that we are in court it is just a waiting game. It could last 8-16 weeks give or take. While we are in this stage there’s nothing we can do. Please begin to pray for patience for us. We aren’t there yet but know it is around the corner!

Jesse and I counted up puzzle pieces today and we have sold 458 pieces! What an amazing blessing!! We are so SO thankful! With that being said we are almost at the half way mark, there are still just over 500 pieces left to sell. As we enter the court process we will be getting our next invoice, selling these last 500 pieces will really help us with that! Have you gotten your piece of the puzzle yet??

We just printed a new batch of T-shirts and will be introducing a new design soon!! So be on the look out for that! Here is the shop link:

ALSO Chosen Marathon and Half Marathon are approaching fast! Team Tapley Ever After begins training this week! We would love to have you join us on our team! If you are interested in running with us here is the link sign up under Team Tapley Ever After. Your full registration fee will benefit bring our daughter home!

Lastly we ask for your prayers! We need them!! Here are some specific things we are asking…
*safety for our sweet girl
*patience for us as we press on
*financial support- grants and puzzle completion

We are so thankful and continually humbled by your giving spirits. Thank you!!

Our sweet me she is LOVELY

Our sweet girl…trust me she is LOVELY

King Titus celebrating his 5th Bday!

King Titus celebrating his 5th Bday!

The boys adding a piece to our journey puzzle

The boys adding a piece to our journey puzzle