Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!!

We know that we have been pretty quiet on here in the last few months…I guess time flies when you are having fun and when there isn’t a whole lot of updates out there! We are still anxiously awaiting for the DRC to lift the suspension of exit letters. This letter is the last piece of paper we need!! While we are waiting for our little girl to come home we pay a substantial monthly fee for her care. We have been so fortunate to have the funds to pay this from our previous fundraisers but as you can imagine it has added up quickly. With that we are SO excited to announce our next fundraiser!
We are so excited to be partnering with Fred’s Alaska Seafood to bring our Texas friends some wild Alaskan Salmon. This fundraiser brings us great joy to be able to combine our friends, our hometown and future.
Fred’s Alaska Seafood is owned and operated by our best friends in Alaska (Steve and Tesa Sturman).
They catch the fish, have it processed and immediately it is flash frozen. This is as fresh as you can get salmon without being in Alaska!
We will be getting 200lbs of salmon delivered this week!
If you want some tell us now, we have high hopes of it going fast!!
The salmon will be $16 per pound. We encourage you to pre order because once this 200lbs is gone it’s gone!! To pre-order let us know how much you want by: commenting below, messaging Jesse or Jeanette on Facebook, emailing Jesse ( or Jeanette (, or by texting/calling.
We cannot wait to share this little bit of home with you!!


You are not alone….

It’s hard to explain and really put into words all the steps and emotions of adoption. Right now we are stalled in the process, just waiting for more. That’s how it always seems, and I feel like I tell people that a lot, “We are waiting for _______. Patiently waiting.” I know a few other adoptive parents that I talk to that really understand and get it. They know the ins and outs and hurts and joys just an email or phone call can bring to our days. And in all reality we have people who ask and care about us and the process a lot! But lately this journey has been lonely. I think a lot of it is my fault; I don’t share when maybe I should, and I maybe just assume I…I don’t know..I assume it’s my fight and I don’t wan to burden them with all of it…I know that’s silly…just keep reading!
This week I was at a friends house for lunch and on my way out she asked for an update. I love this friend So So Much, and I knew I could bear my heart. I told her that we aren’t stuck yet but it’s getting sticky (I’ll explain all of this at the end). I told her that with Chosen coming up I was thinking that it would be our last year to have a team. She asked me why, and I went on to explain to her that fundraising is hard…and how many times can we ask people to run for us?? This was her response: “Jeanette, we are in this with you until the end.” I smiled, well, let’s be honest I cried and ran out the door to go pick up the boys from school. What she said stuck with me all day and even as we continued prep for the Chosen race (which was this morning.) Yesterday evening we invited our Tapley Ever After Chosen team over for dinner and while they were here I marveled at them. I love these people! I know they love our family so much and they are anxiously waiting the arrival of Zoe almost as much as we are!! It reminded me of what my friend said, “We are with you….”.
So then this morning The Chosen Full and Half Marathon was finally here. Our team met us with lots of hugs, selfies, group pics and questions of why we are crazy enough to run all this way!?. Right before the gun went off I saw a dear friend who is in the process of adopting two little boys from the DRC, we hugged and cried then laughed and hugged again. She knows…oh she knows my heart so so well…I just love her! During the run, with a sea of people around me I was reminded again, “We are with you…”. Today I ran with strangers, fellow adoptive parents, people who may not care about adoption at all but just like to run, but in my heart and with me all the way were my people…My friends. And let me tell you!! They are awesome, crazy fast, determined and some of the best darn cheerleaders I’ve ever met…I want to be just like them! Nope. I am not alone…they are with me and even better than that, I know the Lord is with me. He called us into this journey and I believe He will see us out. Sometimes though, I need a little reminder.
SO…Where are we now?! We are waiting for a Visa for Zoe, however we cannot get her visa without her passport, and the passport office is not issuing passports while the DGM (immigration) is closed. Zoe is not stuck in the DRC yet…but things are getting sticky! How can you pray?? Pray that DGM would open. That they would begin to issue Exit Permits again. The exit permit is the last piece of paper that a child needs to get out of the country with their parents. We are so close!

Our Friends!! Support in many different ways!

Our Friends!! Support in many different ways!

Thanks for reading, Friends. We cherish your love, support and your prayers!

Woah! It’s been a while!

I cannot believe it has been so long since I last blogged. So much has happened, yet so much has stayed the same. I’m going to do my best at recapping our major moments without going on forever. However this could turn into a sort of series of posts so…just bare with me!!

In late February/ early March we received all of our court documents making us a family of five! It was a crazy day seeing “Rosette Zaina TAPLEY” on documents! It was unlike any feeling I’ve ever known, Jesse and I sort of just smiled and cried (well I cried) knowing it was official…we have a daughter!! She has our last name!! She is a Tapley!! It’s beautiful and I still get teary eyed thinking about it. Right about that same time, some friends from Austin traveled to the DRC to visit their little boy, and they were so kind and went to visit her! For the first time ever we received VIDEO of our daughter! Video of her smiling, playing and being a little girl. It was amazing and it meant so much to us to get to see her home, to see how well she is cared for, but really…to see her smile. Y’all. She has THE PRETTIEST smile! Our friends showed her our pictures and did their best to tell her we love her and are waiting for her. 😀 It was in February too that we finished our puzzle fundraiser! It was all over Facebook but I never put it on here! The puzzle is now complete, so beautiful and just shows us how loved our family is. THANK YOU for helping us complete it!!

Spring was a whirlwind between soccer games, races and visitors. It flew by so fast! My mom and dad come to the “main land” as they and the other local Hawaiians refer to the states. We had an awesome visit full of the San Antonio Zoo and Natural Bridge Caverns. It is always so special to spend time with them. On my birthday Jesse organized a surprise party which was super fun, then the door bell rang and my best friend from Alaska was standing at my door, with her whole family!! It was such an amazing surprise! Our families have been very tight for a while now and it was so much fun to just be together again. And then Jesse’s parents moved here! His dad took a job in San Antonio and they are now living in the same town as us. It has been such a blessing to have them so close again!

As Spring came to an end we were excitedly looking forward to summer! Schlitterbahn, summer camp, and the pool were on the schedule along with friends and as the boys so sweetly put it, “Helping Gramma and Papa settle in.” The boys got to go to TBarM Camp here in town for a week long day camp. They had such a good time, and while they did that I was able to go to Camp Buckner for YoungLives camp. I was gone for a week with some awesome friends and some very cool teen moms; a week I will never forget! Summer is so fun for us! We love the sunshine and the heat, but it’s also birthday season at house!! Titus turned six in July and Zeke turned eight in August. They are both growing into such sweet boys, I love watching them get older and seeing their personalities develop more and more!

That brings us to fall, school is in session…God Bless Teachers!! I’m so thankful that the boys love school and that they are such good students! Zeke has decided to branch out and try a different sport this fall so he will be playing his first season of basketball soon, and Titus told us that he didn’t want to play soccer either, but instead would like to run with me and try out a triathlon like his daddy, so we will be signing up for a 5k and running that together. Speaking of triathlons Jesse just finished his second olympic tri last week, and he killed it! I have been doing half marathons just about once a month for our Run for the One fundraiser, but I am going to update on all that in a different post!

This year has been full…(and it’s not even over yet) and while its full we are definitely missing our little girl who is half way across the world. Things in the DRC still aren’t great but we are praying everyday for kids to come home!
Sorry for such a long and much over due post, I will be better at it! Until next time!

-The Tapley Family

Run for the One – A Year Long Run For Her Life – 2014 Run-A-Thon

As I have made it known I, Jeanette, love to run…some days more than others, but when it comes down to it, running is my favorite!

My amazingly crazy running friends had the “great” idea to run 12 1/2 marathons in 2014…well then we were challenged by another runner to do 14 in ’14! So obviously we were like “Heck Yes! That’s a great idea!!” The majority of us ran the full Chosen marathon in October, so we all needed a new challenge…well here it is. Fourteen half marathons in 2014. It’s doable!…Right?!

After Chosen and knowing how much running for a purpose spoke to my heart just running races for no reason really seems…blah. So here’s my thought: A 2014 Run-A-Thon. I will run 183.4 race miles in 2014. Would you sponsor me? $1 a mile( or more 😉 )? Would you consider sponsoring a race or two or maybe the whole season (all 14 races?!) Every dollar raised will bring us one ‘mile’ closer to our sweet girl. For those of you that may not know, we are adopting a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We have been matched with a 2 1/2 year old girl who is deaf. We are super excited about this adventure and are so happy to have all of you along for the ride with us!

Here’s a tentative list of the races I’m looking into as of right now: River Rd 1/2 (this one is this Saturday 1/4/13!!) …Natural Bridge Caverns 1/2…Austin 1/2 …Moes Better 1/2…Alamo 1/2…Dallas 1/2…Orange Leaf…Chosen 1/2 …That’s 8 and theres some virtual races that I will look into as well!

This will kick off THIS SATURDAY!! Race #1 is in 3 days!! *What was I thinking?* This will be fun…challenging and some times really really dumb. But I am very excited to challenge myself, my running friends and most of all “Run for the One”.

Here’s how it will work…for now please use the ‘donate’ tab here on the blog or donate via PayPal ( ) and leave a note on which race(s) you would like to sponsor. Whoever sponsors all 14 races will receive their choice of a Tapley Ever After T-shirt. This is a year long fundraisee so we apologize in advance if you tire of hearing about this… 😉 We are so thankful to you all and appreciate your support in all of this!!

I'm ready to run these races as well as this adoption race!

I’m ready to run these races as well as this adoption race!

The hard work of Love

Three months ago we said, “Yes. Absolutely YES!” We accepted a referral, and had pictures and everything of our future daughter.
Last week, we got word that a family member has come forward and they want to care for and keep their sweet little one.

While our heart aches, we understand. Our prayer this whole time has been “Lord, we want the best for this little girl.”

So now even though we are hurting, we are hopeful that this little girl is where the Lord wants her, and that the little girl God has for us is on the way.
We remain hopeful and know that when our adoption is completed, two orphans will have homes.

Romans 12:12(NIV)
12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

James 1:2-3(NIV)
2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

Big News!!!

We’ve seen a face.

We’ve seen sad little eyes that we want to make happy.

That’s right friends, there is a little girl that we are pursuing!! Unfortunately, we have painfully little information about her. What we do know is that she is 2 1/2 years old, and she needs a forever home. We have a picture of this beautiful little girl, but for her safety and other reasons it is against policy to post it online at this time.

We have taken some big steps in the last few days and in with those big steps came a big bill.

We have been so blessed by you all in our fundraising so far. Financially, we were where we needed to be as of last week. But with this little one coming up so suddenly, our financial schedule has been sped up a bit. It really boils down to needing to sell some puzzles pieces. Soon. Our new short term goal is to sell 300 puzzle pieces as fast as we can. We are asking for your help. We are so excited for this opportunity and more excited to see how God will move in this. We believe in Him, He is able.

We love you all and would appreciate your support in this next stage!! 😀

And the Pieces Fit

I think I am like most people and music has always had a special way of speaking to me. “The Pieces Fit” by Considering Lily has always been a favorite of mine. It reminds me of countless discipleship meetings in youth group, among many other people and fond memories. When Jesse and I began talking about this puzzle fundraiser, this song stirred up in my heart. Here is a verse and chorus. It is on iTunes if you’d like to hear it!!

I was like a story without an ending, a mystery with no clue
A maze where each direction is deceiving, with no one to lead you
I was confused till his answers reached me
Unaware till he came to teach me
It was a match made in heaven from the moment we connected

His grace for my shame
His death for my blame
His stripes for my pain
And the pieces fit
His joy for my grief
His hurt my relief
My doubt his belief
And the pieces fit

And now the moment that gives both Jesse and I butterflies in our stomach, a lump in our throats and tears in our eyes…Our First Fundraiser…*drum roll please*

The Art Work

The Art Work

Here is a 1,000 piece puzzle, painted by a phenomenal artist named Jodi Queenan. We are selling the puzzle pieces for $10 a pc. We will write your name on the back of the puzzle piece, and as the pieces sell, we will assemble the puzzle. When the puzzle is finished, we will frame it in a double sided frame so that we can turn it over and see all the names of those who helped bring our little girl home! As we complete this fundraiser it will bring us almost 1/3 of the way to our financial goal!!

Jesse and I Praying over this fundraiser.

Jesse and I Praying over this fundraiser.


The Pieces

If you would like to purchase a piece of the puzzle scroll to the bottom of the page and Click the “Buy Now” button under the Buy a Piece of the Puzzle heading.

**If you are on a mobile device and would like to purchase a puzzle piece you will have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click “view full page”**

Thank you! Thank you for making The Pieces Fit.