You are not alone….

It’s hard to explain and really put into words all the steps and emotions of adoption. Right now we are stalled in the process, just waiting for more. That’s how it always seems, and I feel like I tell people that a lot, “We are waiting for _______. Patiently waiting.” I know a few other adoptive parents that I talk to that really understand and get it. They know the ins and outs and hurts and joys just an email or phone call can bring to our days. And in all reality we have people who ask and care about us and the process a lot! But lately this journey has been lonely. I think a lot of it is my fault; I don’t share when maybe I should, and I maybe just assume I…I don’t know..I assume it’s my fight and I don’t wan to burden them with all of it…I know that’s silly…just keep reading!
This week I was at a friends house for lunch and on my way out she asked for an update. I love this friend So So Much, and I knew I could bear my heart. I told her that we aren’t stuck yet but it’s getting sticky (I’ll explain all of this at the end). I told her that with Chosen coming up I was thinking that it would be our last year to have a team. She asked me why, and I went on to explain to her that fundraising is hard…and how many times can we ask people to run for us?? This was her response: “Jeanette, we are in this with you until the end.” I smiled, well, let’s be honest I cried and ran out the door to go pick up the boys from school. What she said stuck with me all day and even as we continued prep for the Chosen race (which was this morning.) Yesterday evening we invited our Tapley Ever After Chosen team over for dinner and while they were here I marveled at them. I love these people! I know they love our family so much and they are anxiously waiting the arrival of Zoe almost as much as we are!! It reminded me of what my friend said, “We are with you….”.
So then this morning The Chosen Full and Half Marathon was finally here. Our team met us with lots of hugs, selfies, group pics and questions of why we are crazy enough to run all this way!?. Right before the gun went off I saw a dear friend who is in the process of adopting two little boys from the DRC, we hugged and cried then laughed and hugged again. She knows…oh she knows my heart so so well…I just love her! During the run, with a sea of people around me I was reminded again, “We are with you…”. Today I ran with strangers, fellow adoptive parents, people who may not care about adoption at all but just like to run, but in my heart and with me all the way were my people…My friends. And let me tell you!! They are awesome, crazy fast, determined and some of the best darn cheerleaders I’ve ever met…I want to be just like them! Nope. I am not alone…they are with me and even better than that, I know the Lord is with me. He called us into this journey and I believe He will see us out. Sometimes though, I need a little reminder.
SO…Where are we now?! We are waiting for a Visa for Zoe, however we cannot get her visa without her passport, and the passport office is not issuing passports while the DGM (immigration) is closed. Zoe is not stuck in the DRC yet…but things are getting sticky! How can you pray?? Pray that DGM would open. That they would begin to issue Exit Permits again. The exit permit is the last piece of paper that a child needs to get out of the country with their parents. We are so close!

Our Friends!! Support in many different ways!

Our Friends!! Support in many different ways!

Thanks for reading, Friends. We cherish your love, support and your prayers!

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