Woah! It’s been a while!

I cannot believe it has been so long since I last blogged. So much has happened, yet so much has stayed the same. I’m going to do my best at recapping our major moments without going on forever. However this could turn into a sort of series of posts so…just bare with me!!

In late February/ early March we received all of our court documents making us a family of five! It was a crazy day seeing “Rosette Zaina TAPLEY” on documents! It was unlike any feeling I’ve ever known, Jesse and I sort of just smiled and cried (well I cried) knowing it was official…we have a daughter!! She has our last name!! She is a Tapley!! It’s beautiful and I still get teary eyed thinking about it. Right about that same time, some friends from Austin traveled to the DRC to visit their little boy, and they were so kind and went to visit her! For the first time ever we received VIDEO of our daughter! Video of her smiling, playing and being a little girl. It was amazing and it meant so much to us to get to see her home, to see how well she is cared for, but really…to see her smile. Y’all. She has THE PRETTIEST smile! Our friends showed her our pictures and did their best to tell her we love her and are waiting for her. 😀 It was in February too that we finished our puzzle fundraiser! It was all over Facebook but I never put it on here! The puzzle is now complete, so beautiful and just shows us how loved our family is. THANK YOU for helping us complete it!!

Spring was a whirlwind between soccer games, races and visitors. It flew by so fast! My mom and dad come to the “main land” as they and the other local Hawaiians refer to the states. We had an awesome visit full of the San Antonio Zoo and Natural Bridge Caverns. It is always so special to spend time with them. On my birthday Jesse organized a surprise party which was super fun, then the door bell rang and my best friend from Alaska was standing at my door, with her whole family!! It was such an amazing surprise! Our families have been very tight for a while now and it was so much fun to just be together again. And then Jesse’s parents moved here! His dad took a job in San Antonio and they are now living in the same town as us. It has been such a blessing to have them so close again!

As Spring came to an end we were excitedly looking forward to summer! Schlitterbahn, summer camp, and the pool were on the schedule along with friends and as the boys so sweetly put it, “Helping Gramma and Papa settle in.” The boys got to go to TBarM Camp here in town for a week long day camp. They had such a good time, and while they did that I was able to go to Camp Buckner for YoungLives camp. I was gone for a week with some awesome friends and some very cool teen moms; a week I will never forget! Summer is so fun for us! We love the sunshine and the heat, but it’s also birthday season at house!! Titus turned six in July and Zeke turned eight in August. They are both growing into such sweet boys, I love watching them get older and seeing their personalities develop more and more!

That brings us to fall, school is in session…God Bless Teachers!! I’m so thankful that the boys love school and that they are such good students! Zeke has decided to branch out and try a different sport this fall so he will be playing his first season of basketball soon, and Titus told us that he didn’t want to play soccer either, but instead would like to run with me and try out a triathlon like his daddy, so we will be signing up for a 5k and running that together. Speaking of triathlons Jesse just finished his second olympic tri last week, and he killed it! I have been doing half marathons just about once a month for our Run for the One fundraiser, but I am going to update on all that in a different post!

This year has been full…(and it’s not even over yet) and while its full we are definitely missing our little girl who is half way across the world. Things in the DRC still aren’t great but we are praying everyday for kids to come home!
Sorry for such a long and much over due post, I will be better at it! Until next time!

-The Tapley Family


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