It’s a marathon not a sprint…

For the past five months I have been training for my very first marathon. I have been running and enjoying it since the boys were born,. My big sister turned me onto it. She told me that as a mom running is an awesome way to get out and refocus, and for a solid 5 years running has really been my escape. On days where I am grumpy Jesse has sweetly asked, “Do you want to go out for a run?” He knows me so well 🙂 It has often been a time for me to pray, a time for me to really refocus and just a time to run. It is really freeing!

When we moved down here to Texas, running was a little harder not only because of the crazy heat and humidity, but also because of the change in our schedules. Zeke started school, Jesse’s new job was a “normal job” where he worked 9-5 so my running took a back seat. I did push Titus some in the jogging stroller, but he weighed like 40lbs and we live in a hilly area. Needless to say it wasn’t really fun running with him. My escape wasn’t much of an escape while pushing him.

Luckily, our gym has a run club that I got to join! I started running with them in April, and at that same time we decided that we would have a team for the Chosen Marathon. I have done 6 half marathons and told Jesse that if we were going to ask people to run for us then I felt like I had to run my first full marathon. He responded, “Yeah, I don’t feel that way.” So he is going to be running the half, and good for him! So that was that. I told my super marathoner friend I wanted to do the full, and I was committed. Then I sweetly talked a few more of our running friends into the full. Why? Because misery loves company of course! Over the past 5 months we have suffered, sweated, ached and mostly just ran together. These friends showed up at 5am on Sundays to log crazy miles, we shared running tips and the mutual disgust for this crazy decision! But every once in a while when I would complain…because yes, I am the team complainer…. “Who’s idea was this? Running is dumb! Why are we even doing this!?” They would kindly remind me, “This was your bad idea. Yes, running is in fact dumb, but we are running to bring your daughter home.” I would remember, yes there is a reason, a beautiful reason. These friends have sacrificed so much and I am so thankful to them.

As you can imagine there is a lot of time to think during these runs. Sometimes I listen to music but for the most part I am running quietly with a friend, (because my lungs can’t handle talking!) so I think, and I pray and during one run I decided I would compare this adoption process with a marathon, Here is what I came up with….

It’s a marathon not a sprint…So so true, international adoption is not fast. I’m really not sure there is a quick way to do it. It takes time, time to collect paperwork, time to have that paperwork processed, time to wait and see what will happen next. It is a very hurry up and wait deal.

It’s one foot in front of the other…over and over and over again. Like running, which is one foot in front of the other, adoption comes with many steps. Follow those steps and you will be successful, step by step…one foot in front of the other that’s the way to the finish line.

You will hit the dreaded “wall”….We have tried our best to train and prepare for this wall… this wall sucks! But when you hit the wall in the adoption you can’t quit! There is a child for you, you must push past the wall press on push forward there is a race to finish. I am a SUPER slow runner and I by all means have no desire to win, but I do have a goal… finishing well in both adoption and marathon.

You need support…With out the support of these running friends I wouldn’t have done long runs. If my sweet friend hadn’t picked me up at 4:30am (Yes A.M.!! WE ARE CRAZY!!!) I wouldn’t have gotten up, I like sleep! These friends have pushed me, encouraged me and strengthened me. I am so lucky to say that we have the same support and love with our adoption. Our church family is even supporting us by having a water table in the race…I just love them!! We would be lost without support.

There is reward when it’s all said and done…I’m not talking about just the bragging rights (but I will focus on the fact that I ran twice as much as Jesse for a while) but it’s an accomplishment, I have trained for this. Now the medal at the end of the race won’t be as sweet as the precious face of my daughter when the adoption is complete, but I think anything we wait for or anticipate can bring us joy.


This is just a part of the BEAUTIFUL scenery we get to run on Saturday!

So Saturday morning all four of us will be participating in the 4th annual Chosen Marathon/Half Marathon. Like I may have mentioned, Ill be doing the full marathon 26.2 miles, Jesse will be running the half 13.1miles and the boys will be running their first race ever the Kids Fun Run. They too have been training and Zeke is taking this pretty seriously! It’s awesome. I hope he loves running! Please pray for us!!

And Thank you again to all of our TEAM TAPLEY EVER AFTER team mates, your support means so much to us!

The boys and I out for a run!

The boys and I out for a run!


3 thoughts on “It’s a marathon not a sprint…

  1. Your words brought encouragement and refreshment to me this morning, Jeanette! Thank You for sharing what’s on your heart. I’m praying for Team Tapley and can’t wait to celebrate with you at the end of tomorrow’s run. More than that, I look forward to the MAJOR CELEBRATION that will take place when your daughter is in your arms.

    You run your life race so well. I’m so thankful to call you, friend. I love the Tapley’s!

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