Fundraising….Its just so Amazing!

Here is some exciting news on the fundraising front…

We had our “Every Cent Counts” change drive and it honestly blew me away. What I thought would be a fun ‘collect your change and I’ll meet you to pick it up’ evolved into a multi city collection, and a coffee shop event where God showed us we were supported and loved.

For those of you who don’t know, at the end of the change drive, we set up at a DELICIOUS coffee shop so people could meet up with us and hand off their change. We had the puzzle there, and all our t-shirts for sale too. It was a come and go night, people dropped of their change had a coffee and went on with their evening.

Many times through out the night I looked around and was so overwhelmed with love. God really showed me that night that we are right where He wants us. He has placed us in New Braunfels, TX and knows exactly what He is doing! *imagine that right?!* So often through out this journey, and especially that night Jesse and I talked about how crazy it is to feel so rooted here. Rooted and loved, it’s just amazing! SO after an amazingly fun night we rushed *not even kidding* to the closest CoinStar to count up the change…there was no way we could roll all that!! With the sales of shirts, and other cash donations we received over $2,000 from the Every Cent Counts fundraiser! Isn’t that AMAZING!!?? We are so thankful!! SO THANKFUL!! It amazes me how fast pennies added up. It amazes me that y’all were willing to just give up this spare change. It amazes me that once again God saw fit to reach His loving hand down to do a mighty work in our lives and the lives of others through this simple little event! It was such a joy to just BE with everyone, to be loved on and love on others.

BUT that’s not all!! Oh no sir!! Last week we got to have dinner with a lot of these same people. How great are our New Braunfels friends you ask? SO GREAT!! The greatest even!! Last Monday Chick-Fil-a hosted a Spirit Night for Tapley Ever After, where we all came and had dinner and Chick-fil-a generously donated a portion the sales that night to our adoption. So obviously you know by now, I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A! I love it and I was so excited that they would allow people to do this. So the basic run down is this, we showed up and had dinner with our friends, I got to drink cup after cup of sweet tea and at 9pm we went home flying high on cloud 9…or maybe the sugar high either way, I was super happy! Again half way thru the evening I looked around and got emotional and prayed, “Lord, you have placed us here. You have given us these people, this support system. Thank you!” We found out that from that night we earned just over $300, from just showing up and having dinner…best fundraiser ever!!

I just don’t think we will ever be able to say ‘Thank You’ enough. We have been so blessed by your giving, by your encouragement and by your prayers. We stand humbled and in awe, overwhelmed by your goodness! Thank you!!


P.S…. We don’t have any news as far as a new referral but we trust God and His timing! Thank you once again for your prayers!

We Love a good cup of coffee!!

We Love a good cup of coffee!!


Such talented friends played live music while we chatted up our friends!

These jars were so full by the end of the night!

These jars were so full by the end of the night!

The Lewis family ready for dinner at Chick-fil-a!!

The Lewis family ready for dinner at Chick-fil-a!!

It was pretty crazy in the store so many of our friends ordered and ate at home!!

It was pretty crazy in the store, so many of our friends ordered and ate at home!!

How many times did I say Amazing…OOPS!!


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