Big News!!!

We’ve seen a face.

We’ve seen sad little eyes that we want to make happy.

That’s right friends, there is a little girl that we are pursuing!! Unfortunately, we have painfully little information about her. What we do know is that she is 2 1/2 years old, and she needs a forever home. We have a picture of this beautiful little girl, but for her safety and other reasons it is against policy to post it online at this time.

We have taken some big steps in the last few days and in with those big steps came a big bill.

We have been so blessed by you all in our fundraising so far. Financially, we were where we needed to be as of last week. But with this little one coming up so suddenly, our financial schedule has been sped up a bit. It really boils down to needing to sell some puzzles pieces. Soon. Our new short term goal is to sell 300 puzzle pieces as fast as we can. We are asking for your help. We are so excited for this opportunity and more excited to see how God will move in this. We believe in Him, He is able.

We love you all and would appreciate your support in this next stage!! 😀


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