Chasing the Son

Here is a few updates:

We sent out our i600a (petition for an orphan) and are anxiously awaiting the approval and paperwork that will stem from that. By “anxiously awaiting” I mean I pretty much sprint to the mailbox the minute I see our mail lady, which isn’t until almost 5pm every night!! And in all reality I’m not expecting anything till late next week…oh well though, I suppose that little bit of sprinting is good for me!

We have our Etsy store up and running! We have T-shirts and Metal Stamped Keychains for sale. Every purchase helps get closer and closer to our huge financial goal and more importantly, our little girl! Here is the link to our store….

We also have an amazing opportunity to have a team in the Chosen Marathon & Half Marathon (October 26). The race is here in New Braunfels, Texas and it is an event set up to benefit adoptive families. We are so excited to be a part of this run! So, team Tapley Ever After will be running to help bring home our little girl, to help her into her forever family. If you would like to walk with us, run along side us OR “Sleep Walk” (sign up with our team and just sleep in!!), please sign up under our team. We will have much more info coming up for that…BUT if you sign up this week (before June 9th) you can help us win a contest against the other teams: Whoever gets the most runners on their team will win a “significant bonus towards their adoption fund!” Here’s the link to go sign up 😉

We also still have PLENTY of puzzle pieces left, if you’d like to have your name on the puzzle you can click the tab above this post or to the left where is says “buy a pc of the puzzle”. We cannot express how amazing it is to see all the names going on this puzzle. It has been such an amazing fundraiser, BUT it’s not done yet, so if you haven’t gotten your pieces, go for it get them while the getting is good! 😉

With all that…we have welcomed summer into our house with open arms. Zeke finished up Kindergarten like a champ and is a little sad to not have to go to school, but is ok trading school for time at the pool. Titus is excited to have brother around all the time again, and is loving the summer life. Jesse was telling some friends the other night how in Alaska if the sun is shining, we are out in it making the most of the long days and the little warm sunshine we get. He reminded me of one of my favorite summer sayings, “If the sun is shining and you aren’t out playing in it, then you must not love Jesus very much!” All that to say, I haven’t lost my Alaskan mentality, when the sun is shining we are out in it in some way. Yes we use sunscreen and drink a lot of water but I’m tellin you…I was made for the heat!!

We can’t begin to express how full our hearts are, the love and support we get from you all is overwhelming in the best way. Jesse and I just sort of sit back and laugh (me, with tears in my eyes) sometimes at what the Lord is doing. He is so good and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. This journey is long and we are so blessed to walk this journey along side some of the best people!

On our way to Schlitterbahn. Who does't love having a water park 5miles from the house?!

On our way to Schlitterbahn. Who does’t love having a water park 5miles from the house?!


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