Why Africa? Why international?

One of the questions we get asked the most is: “Why adopt from Africa? There are so many kids here in America that need help, why not help one of those?” The simple answer to these questions is…We weren’t called to adopt a child from America. We are called to adopt a child from Africa.

I was talking with a friend recently about how we get asked this all the time, and she said, “Jeanette, you don’t have the calling to adopt domestically. There are others called for that. Don’t worry, someone else will accept that calling.” Honestly, most of the time I don’t think about it, I just think about traveling to Africa and all the steps we have to take to get to get our little girl. ANYWAYS, the whole point of this story is God calls us to different things. As of right now we are called to adopt internationally, we are called to go to Africa and get our child, to support and care for orphans. A couple weeks ago we got to witness God speak to a couple’s heart as He called them to adopt domestically. It was just a really neat thing to sit back and watch because it was like God showing me, “Look Jeanette, I am taking care of my children here as well as those in Africa. I am in control. Just sit back, trust me, and do what I asked you do to.” I love that! I love when He just shows himself to me over and over.

Little update…We have sold 225 puzzle pieces!! WOOHOO!! Thank you for all your support both financially and in prayer. There are only 775 pieces left so get yours today 🙂

Me modeling our Tshirt ;)

Me modeling our Tshirt 😉

AND we have started selling our fundraiser T-shirts! We have men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes available. They will be $20 for adult shirts, and kids shirts are $15. We are currently taking orders. You can use the donate tab to buy, and add $3 for shipping cost please. We will ship anywhere!! If you are local, no shipping cost is needed, we will deliver to you!

My amazing cousin sporting her sweet tee!

My amazing cousin sporting her sweet tee!

PLEASE take a picture of you in your shirt so we can save it and add it to our scrapbook!!


5 thoughts on “Why Africa? Why international?

  1. I completely understand what you are saying. When we started talking about adoption we were completely over whelmed with choices. We had no clue what direction to go in. All I knew is we were called to adopt. We talked to so many people and so many agencies. We became foster certified. None of those seemed like the way we were called to adopt. Then a woman saw my facebook adoption page and she messaged me. She told me about an attorney that works with women from the marshal islands that live in the US. We contacted him and then our house burned down. We were so discouraged. Once we got the house plans in place we contacted him again. 2 days later he told me he has a little girl for us. In July we will be bringing home a little girl, and it feels right. She was meant to be part of our family. When you meet your little girl it will feel right. It will feel like she is the child that was always meant to be part of your family. God is good and knows his plans for us long before we ever do. You and your family are in our prayers!

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